Detailing is a lot more than a normal car wash and involves a number of stages that include decontaminating, rejuvenating and the protection of different surfaces on the vehicle to achieve a show car finish.

Decontaminating removes bonded contaminants e.g. tar, tree sap, industrial fallout also existing polish and waxes from the vehicles paint which a normal wash fails to achieve. This restores a glossy smooth surface ready for paint correction, cleanse and wax.

The vehicles paint is measured in microns using a digital thickness gauge (metal only) to determine the levels of paint correction to be carried out safely.

Paint correction involves removing common paint problems such as light scratches, swirl marks, bird stains, buffer trails and holograms. This process can also restore faded paint (e.g. red paint that has gone pink) which saves a lot of time and money having to re-spray when there is no need to. Most of these problems are easily visible in direct sunlight and certain lights, even at night time.

Paint correction involves re-levelling the surface to reduce and remove problems in order to achieve the perfect finish under any light.